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Exclusive interview with Anu Ranjan

Bollywood Dubai exclusive interview with Anu Ranjan Founder of “The Indian Television Academy” & “GR8! Women Awards” . Born in the New Dehli & studied at the Convent of Jesus & Mary, Simla, Anu pursued higher education at Loreto House College, Calcutta, Anu shifted to United States in her early teens that contributed to her acquiring a deeply analytical bend of mind. She acquired a penchant for looking at things in their proper perspective, which has stood her in good stead, to this day.

Marriage brought her back to India. It also created an interface for her with Films and Television, as husband Shashi Ranjan, an alumnus from FTII, belonged to this Industry. When Shashi Ranjan took to the production of TV software, she was also drawn to it, willy nilly. However, gradually she started getting keenly attuned to the goings-on and soon, it was a headlong plunge for her into the genre.

Her basic moorings led her to perceive a lot that was amiss in the working of the TV Industry, here. Even after being an Industry of gargantuan proportions, it needed to be streamlined.
To garner and galvanize the entire TV fraternity under one umbrella, Anu envisaged The Indian Television Academy, with the cardinal aim of building bridges amongst the disparate sectors of this medium.

Since then, she has turned ITA into an unqualified success story, whether by creating unprecedented welfare measures for its members; Instituting the first ever totally TV Centric Awards; providing a pioneering platform for interaction amongst the different quarters of the Industry by way of the Seminar, “ON TELEVISION”; providing mediation between channels and producers…; so forth and so on.

And she is the last person to sit on her laurels. Her pursuits for creating better working ethos for Indian Television continue unabated.

 Interviewed by: Fawad Khan

1.Hello! Ms Anu Ranjan, We would like to know how you came up with such a great concept of ‘GR8! Women Awards’?

Answer: I used to attend events such as charity night, award nights along with my friends, Where then I realized that today’s women plays such an important role in every aspect of life, Gone are those days were a women role was only limited to a Mother, Daughter & Wife. Today we find women as a successful Entrepreneur, Doctor, Engineer, Actress & many more… To acknowledge such women I came up with the concept of the Gr8! Women Awards. I have started this in India 12years ago that’s in 2002.
2. What made you start the new chapter of ‘GR8! Women Awards’ in Middle East?

Answer: After the major success in India, I thought of Middle East as I have a lot of friends over here; so along with one of my good friend who runs the Petrochem company, I started this awards to acknowledge the successful women in Middle East.


3. Could you please tell us something about the beti movement?

Answer: I started the beti movement to bring awareness in today’s women to show what’s happening in the society such as child labour, acid burn cases and other such vicious occurrences. Through beti movement we collect funds by organising events such as awards night, fashion shows & fund raisers.


4. Knowing about the increasing rape cases across India, How would the beti movement help in preventing such incidents?

Answer: After the Delhi incident, we have been fighting for justice, building confidence & supporting the women not only limited to the rape victims but also who have been suffering from other unpleasant incidents.


5. Please name a few Bollywood celebrities who support the beti movement?

Answer: Many Bollywood celebrities are associated with us to support the beti movement; it’s difficult to name all of them but to name a few its Susmita Sen, Esha Deol, Amir Khan, Hrithik Roshan & TV serial celebrities.


6. We have noticed that, since the start Petrochem has been associated with ‘GR8! Women Awards Middle East’; any specific reason?

Answer: With Petrochem we have a 3 year contract; this is the 3rd & the last year. The contract will be extend if Petrochem is still interested else we will be finding another partner.
7. One last question! Could you tell us, which of the Bollywood Celebrities are we going to witness at the Red Carpet for this year’s event?

Answer: We cannot be specific of which Bollywood celebrities are going to walk the red carpet for this year’s event, but we have a confirmation list of 20+ celebrities who are going to attend this night.


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