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Girl Friend Leaked Her Ex-Boyfriends Dirty Messages And Voice Notes (Hyderabad, INDIA)

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Voice Notes Because He’s Left Me No Choice

Dear N**e***,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of health because after this, I don’t know if there will ever be any health again for you. So, as a considerate ex girlfriend, I’m keeping your identity a secret (well almost) and I would like to start with saying sorry because I can’t let this opportunity go a waste.

As per our source’s the guy studies in ISB, Hyderabad-INDIA

And now the more important part, you’re mentally ill.


Main audio pe baat nahi karunga, tum facebook pe baat karo nahi toh main abhi ke abhi joh bhi photos hain naa main upload karne wala hoon tumhe bina bataye.

First, try talking without slurring. Second, men like you should be mutilated but what can I say, it’s a fairly fair world. But that shouldn’t and won’t stop me from giving you all the fame you deserve. Someone needs to hold your leash before you go astray and rape an innocent female tomorrow. Thank me later! If anything, I’m saving you from becoming a rapist.

Her: Upload karna hai. Jaa karle.
Him: I’m giving you an easy way out ***. I don’t want your family’s image to be tainted. Or your career. You can take it and not go through anything. So yes or no?
Her: Ya go ahead I won’t lose anything and anyone.
Him: Acha? How about I put your dad’s number on it? With yours? *** take the deal.


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