English Vinglish Kat

She may be the reigning queen of the Hindi film industry but Katrina Kaif still identifies better with her English self. The actress who was born and brought up in London has been in India for the past decade spooling one hit after another in Bollywood, but still finds it difficult to converse in the national language.

At a recent press conference when the actress was posed with a question by a Hindi-speaking journalist, she said, “Can I answer that question in English please? I’ll be more comfortable.” Clearly that didn’t go down very well with the B’townies.

“She speaks fluent Hindi in her films and has been in a relationship with Salman Khan who is an out and out Hindi speaker. Why does it become a problem while conversing in Hindi with the media?” questions an industry insider. “For someone who has been working with Hindi-speaking people round the clock, it’s impossible to not get the hang of the language,” he adds. Over to you, Katrina.

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