Eee it’s raining in UAE !

Heavy rains and hail storms began to lash parts of U.A.E. Heavy rains in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have been reported. Weather officials in the U.A.E are predicting the heaviest rainfall in a decade.

1456685_529562257137628_638256492_n( Jebel Ali Roundabout 7, Dubai)

What’s more?! Thanks to the Ministry Of Education, it is a long weekend for children out here, Ministry has advised all schools and nurseries in parts of U.A.E to close for the day to ensure children get home safe.

1420372_10201849423092731_976727641_n  (Atlantis – The palm, Dubai)

Apart from school, the Dubai Air Show and Skyview gallery has been called off temporarily due to weather conditions. Public are being advised to avoid traveling to the show. Apart from Dubai show, offices, Global Village has been shut down.

However, people are enjoying the pleasant and lovely weather as it is very rare. Some are excited to have a long weekend with romantic weather and some are afraid that the rain will spoil their weekend plans. “There’s a storm warning outside, but its so pleasant to see clouds and rain here .Everything around looks peaceful. I saw happy cheerful faces at work this morning and they got even better when we all got an early dismissal news. It’s a pure blessing in disguise…though our weekend recreation plans have failed but its sure going to be some popcorn and movie time with family at home.” says Dina Ahmed who lives in Sharjah.


1464117_529500580477129_433531467_n (Al Maarifa International Pvt School, Sharjah.)

Heavy rainfall is expected in most regions of UAE and it is more likely to increase tomorrow (Friday) and it is predicted that it’ll continue till Saturday.

Rain, holidays, family, lovely weather. What else would you need?! Oh! well sheesha will act as an icing on the cake. Isn’t it? We assume that no one is singing “Rain rain go away, Come again another day” Make the most of this weather. Stay safe. Stay cool !

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