DSF 2017


Shop frenziedly at the most happening shopping festival in the world

Dubai is all set to show its festive spirit to the world in just about a couple of weeks. Millions of tourists flock to Dubai for its extravagant festival and Dubai shopping festival 2017 is going to take the essence of the event to a whole new level with its enticing theme “Dubai at its best”. Dubai tourism goes up a notch up during the month-long festival, as shoppers from around the world continue to liven up the place with their untiring enthusiasm and zeal.

Dubai shopping festival

The Dubai shopping festival is an event held across the city. All the shops around the city put up interesting deals, offers and discounts. The Global Village and all big malls are major places for great shopping offers.

This luxurious event is not limited just to shopping alone, but its full of entertainment and fun. Live music shows and concerts by renowned international artists, Fashion shows hosted by international brands, fun-filled indoor and outdoor sports to make each and every moment very special for you and your family.

The good news is that DSF is not all about satisfying the upper end travellers, it also about offering a memorable trip to an average traveller with a limited budget.

If budget is your problem, DSF offers just the right solution for you. This treasure trove is full of surprises to satisfy your fashion needs. This is your one and only chance to do duty free shopping on a variety of designer clothes, accessories, footwear, jewellery, carpets, spices, perfumes and handicrafts.


Dubai Shopping Festival – DSF 2017 Holiday Packages

Simply Dubai Shopping Festival 2017Simply Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2017)Simply DSF - Dubai Shopping Festival 2017Simply Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2017)

It is a remarkable opportunity to get an insight into the vibrant culture and history of Dubai. Dubai shopping festival 2017 (DSF 2017) packages offer you a chance to win million dollar worth of prize money including gold, cash and luxury cars. Apart from that, an extensive line-up of world class events is sure to grab your eye-balls.

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