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Dubai Based Indian Millionaire ’s Son Had Jaw-Dropping 140 Crore Wedding In Italy!

Dubai Based Indian Millionaire

This Big Fat Indian Wedding In Italy Will Surely Leave You Awestruck

We all know about big fat Indian Weddings. But, how fat is really fat? What if we say an INR 140 Crore worth wedding?
Yes, Dubai-based Indian millionaire, Yogesh Mehta spent £14 million (Rs 140 crore) on his son Rohan Mehta’s three-day-long extravagant wedding with Roshni, a London-based owner of a fashion company. The wedding took place in Florence, Italy, from November 25 onwards.

Attended by more than 500 people- family, friends and big business heads, the wedding had guests who flew down from all over the world. And, they were not disappointed to find the most lavish three-day Indian wedding in Italy.



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