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Donald Trump wins US election

ABC election analyst Antony Green says Donald Trump has secured enough Electoral College votes to claim the US presidency.

Global Markets Plunge As Republican Donald Trump wins US Election Giving A Clear Path To U.S. Presidency

Markets around the world are beginning to price in a Donald Trump victory, as the Republican nominee’s path to the presidency has become almost inevitable after a sweep of many hard fought swing states in the midwest, southeast, and rust belt. As the votes rolled in for Trump, U.S. stock markets plunged with futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 506 points, or roughly 4%, as investors began to brace for Trump’s agenda and his anti-free trade views.

However, the campaign for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said at 2 a.m. ET it would not concede the election in the early morning hours, as votes continue to be counted in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. At 2:29 a.m. ET, CNN called Wisconsin for Trump, putting his electoral college tally at 257 votes, just 13 more votes needed to win the presidency.

Though Clinton did not concede defeat and no major news network called the election, the delay only forestalls what appears to be one of the great upsets in American political history as Trump climbed to a probable victory from what many political commentators considered to be a rout just weeks ago. Ahead of an election call or concession from Clinton, traders around the world cast votes with their dollars, selling risk assets and piling into safe havens.


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