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Do You Know How McDonald’s Fries Are Made? This Will Disgust You.

McDonald’s Fries Are Made

How McDonald’s Fries Are Made ? When I was growing up, the McDonald’s french fry was the holy grail of fast food items. I remember a specific day when I was a preteen that my body could no longer tolerate eating them. And it’s no wonder! It turns out their french fries are junk!
French fries use Russet Burbank Potatoes, a potato that’s cheap to grow, but blemishes easily and gets Net Necrosis, a potato disease, relatively easily. So McDonald’s needs to spray it with a pesticide called methamidophos.

“That is toxic to the extent where Idaho farmers who cultivate these potatoes do not go on the fields for five days after the spraying.”

After harvesting, the potatoes aren’t even edible. They have to sit inside of a football stadium sized “atmospheric shed” for six weeks before they can be eaten.
Watch the video below for the full story of how McDonald’s Fries Are Made:


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