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What To Do When Your DEWA Bill Is Way Too High

DEWA Bill Is Way Too High

There’s nothing more irritating than watching your monthly income go down the drain as you give it right back to your energy provider. In most cases, homeowners can prevent this wasteful process from happening by examining their use of energy. Typically, there are numerous behaviors that you can change to avoid using so much energy each month. Here are several things you can do when you note that your energy bill has become way too high:

  1. Have your furnace tuned up. By getting it in optimal condition, you can save anywhere from 3-10% on your heating bill. Get even more savings by regularly replacing the furnace filter.
  1. Although many homeowners know that insulating is a great way to save on the energy bill, many don’t realize that they could save even more by adding additional insulation. You could also save by having inlets and roof vents installed to maximize your ventilation.
  1. Layer your windows with clear plastic sheeting to reduce icy drafts.
  1. Don’t crank your heat up super high to get your house warm quickly. This doesn’t work as the home setting will grow warm at the same rate irrespective of temperature you set it to.


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