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Developers And Tenants Need To Be Aware Of The Updated Fire Code In Dubai

The new code focuses on guidelines to prevent future firesScreenshot 2017 01 22 17 59 47

The Intersec 2017 exhibition, the leading expo for safety and security in the Middle East, is taking place in Dubai and an updated UAE Fire and Life Safety Code has just been released.

The new code, based on international references and feedback from experts in the industry, including consultants, contractors, and local property developers was delivered by Dubai Civil Defense  (DCD) Lieutenant Taher Hassan al-Taher, head of the inspection and permitting section for the DCD.

A new fire code was essential

A couple or recent fires in Dubai buildings, means there was a strong need for the new guidelines. This new code has strict guidelines for ‘cladding, testing, installation and (maintenance) responsibilities of each building development party’ according to

(Image: The Address Downtown fire, December 2015)

Screenshot 2017 01 22 18 08 23

Fires in buildings gain momentum because of panels on the building’s sides called cladding

Cladding can be fire-proof, but until now, it was not law. So while there are now strict guidelines regarding new cladding, “existing buildings are still being researched’ according to Lieutenant Taher. “Existing buildings are being researched, and there’s a timeline for all claddings for maintenance, after which they have to be changed.”

Image: Fire at the Oceania Residences, the Palm December 2016

Screenshot 2017 01 22 18 06 00

Developers or tenants will be fined for breaking the rules

The cost of breaking the code will set you back between AED 500 and AED 50,000 depending on the violation. All localities will be assigned an inspector to patrol and inspect buildings to ensure guidelines are being met.

Fire safety will start at the developer and go all the way to the tenant”.

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