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7 Things Desis Wish Their Family Back Home Knew Before We Left

Desis Wish Their Family Back Home Knew

Working as an expat in the UAE for years we have heard plenty of stories from various desis living abroad. There 4 Million plus Indians & Pakistanis working in the UAE, everyone has their own story, but it all boils down to one reason – to provide for their families.

But along with that desire, We’ve witnessed how many families and relationships were shattered because of the distance, misunderstanding, third-party and self-pity. Nonetheless, We have also seen families who made it through, families who were unaware that they did well.

Things We Want Families of Indians & Pakistanis to Know

Staying in Dubai and with the stories We’ve heard and witnessed from fellow Desis, allow us to share with you the things Desis wish there families knew before we left our country:

  1. Don’t get upset when we cannot give you what you want on time. Toys? New gadgets? Allowance? We all want to give them to you. Try to understand that we also have other responsibilities such as paying for rent (both ours and also yours). As much as we love to splurge for you, sometimes we really cannot afford it.
  2. Do show gratitude by saying thank you and doing good in your studies. It gives us motivation to work even harder as we go about our day to day work life.


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