Desi Fridays Launch and Bollywood Dubai 2nd Anniversary celebrations at SPiN DUBAI

What do you get when you combine Halloween, Bollywood Music and Desi Fridays? We didn’t know either, but we’re stoned just thinking about it. Thankfully, SPiN Dubai figured it out and put it all together for The Grand Launch of Desi Fridays and 2nd Anniversary celebrations of Bollywood Dubai, a party unlike anything else happening in Dubai. The club transformed into a speakeasy experience with a DJ special performance by the one and only DJ CARLOS.

This was the party to stand up and embrace the insanity where everyone could see you. A truly unique Halloween experience, Were the host Sanam Bhandari’s signature bottles of Champagnes were topped with sparklers and delivered by waitresses under a spotlight and with everything happening at SPiN Dubai over the Halloween weekend, the only thing you’ll want to hide from is your hangover.

“In this town, the easiest way to have a crazy night is to be at SPiN every friday” says Tamanna Bali. But if you’re one of those people for whom crazy isn’t enough, look around and then ask yourself, “Can I really handle Desi Fridays in all its glory and madness?” If you believe you can, then join the Desi Fridays at SPiN Dubai. And if you can’t, well, there’s always other nights to just hangout.

_MG_8530_RAs the night came to an end, Nitali Singh was judging the best Halloween costume of everyone around her and finally giving away Ujala Ali Khan AED 10,000 Diamond set for costume contest which was sponsored by Kiyara Jewellers.


Spotted enjoying the celebrations at event were, Jitin Laungani, Nittasha Mulaanii, Sear Rashiq, Aanya Aggarwal, Shireen Ann Andrady, Shumaila Ibrahim with many others..

Finally we would like to thank all our supporters, Plush, AKS, Chocolate Entertainment, Ennigma Events, Red Carpet Events UAE, Verve The Art Gang, ARK Entertainment, Dubai Glam, The Dubai Events, Ceebee Cafe & DigitalGraphiks for making the launch of Desi Fridays by Being Posh and BollywoodDubai a truly grand success.

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