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Delete this one app from your Android phone to get 20% more battery life

more battery life

If you delete one app from your Android phone, you could see your more battery life jump by up to 20% – and your phone boosted up to ramming speed.

Sadly, if you’re hoping we’re going to say something useless like Google Plus, you’re out of luck – the battery-drainer and life-sapper is Facebook.

Many phone users would, obviously, rather cut their right hands off than lose Facebook – but doing so seems to offer your battery a major boost.

The trick was first noticed by Android Central writer Russell Holly – but has since been tested by various Redditors and tech writers.

Many report that battery life goes up by 20% just from removing the app, and there are lots of anecdotal reports of boosted speeds, too.

The good news is that Facebook Messenger isn’t quite so bad – so if you DO decide to ditch the main app, you can run Messenger, and just stay logged in to Facebook on Chrome.

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