Dabangg 2 Movie Review

dabangg 2 movie review

We’re nearing the end of the year and Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg 2 does not fail to add to the festive mood. Chulbul Pandey AKA Robinhood Pandey AKA Kung Fu Pandey opens with a bang bang Dabangg action sequence which leaves the audience spellbound Salman Khan fits into Chulbul Pandey’s shoes perfectly and gives his best shot at action, comedy, romance and dialogue delivery.

The movie keeps the audience engaged throughout silencing critics if any had doubts over the movie being a flick with just the masala elements. The first half provides a glimpse of the deteriorating law & order situation in Kanpur , due credit to Baccha Bhaiya’s(Prakash Raj) goondaism. Baccha Bhaiya seems to be a bigger threat than Chedi Singh of Dabangg 1 as Kanpur is an unknown ground for Chulbul to sustain his dominance and control in the area. However, Chulbul finds his way to deal with threat and persistently digs into enemy ground with arrogance and sheer power.

The second half gives way to the growing animosity between Chulbul and Baccha Bhaiya. Power packed action sequences find
Chulbul go past all barriers and traps laid down for him. The Supercop sees the end of Baccha not before the gangster attacks his brother (Arbaaz) and wife (Sonakshi).

Sajid-Wajid provide a winner in Pandey Ji Seeti and Fevicol Se. The music is not great but does well to showcase the personality of Chulbul and his aura. Sonakshi, Arbaaz and Vinod Khanna have performed fairly in the roles but are largely over-shadowed by Salman’s performance. A standout performance from Prakash Raj as Baccha Bhaiya shows his versatility and poise, hes here to stay!! Arbaaz Khan delivers as a director and Dabangg proves to be an entertainer.
Will Dabangg be the biggest entertainer of the year or will it be the biggest grosser in Bollywood history? Surely, the next few days will determine its position. Albeit the Khan-daan have delivered a super-hit in the form of Dabangg 2. Salman Khan has cast his magic spell on the screen yet again and one has to watch this one before welcoming the new year.

Bollywood Dubai Verdict : Blockbuster
4 out of 5 –  Zubair Khan


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