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5 Common Mistakes When Searching for a Job in the Dubai, UAE

Common Mistakes When Searching for a Job

UAE is one of the most sought after job destinations for expats. In terms of the availability of new career opportunities, Dubai is the most prosperous global city in the emirate that ranks higher in the ‘top global job destinations’. Hence, this goes without saying that the job seekers face a stiff competition in grabbing the most lucrative job offers in Dubai.

If you’ve tried applying for various jobs in Dubai but are not getting the responses you hoped, you might be committing errors in the application process. You should check and identify the mistakes that are dragging you away from your dream job.

Job Search Mistakes that can Sabotage Your Career Hunt in the UAE

There are plenty of job opportunities in Dubai in different sectors such as hospitality, automotive, real estate and banking. However, without following the right job search strategy, one cannot land a job successfully. Here we share some alarming and real job search mistakes that trip up your efforts in getting a job.

Avoid committing these mistakes…

1. Applying for any random job (especially when you’re not qualified)

Too many job seekers make this mistake – applying for jobs they are not eligible for. Sending CV and e-mails to every job opening is the biggest mistake as there is no such rule that applying to the maximum jobs will enhance your chance to get the one! In fact, applying to any random job takes more of your time. The idea is to give quality time to only those jobs that you qualify in terms of qualification, skills and experience required. For instance, there is no point in applying to a job that seeks candidates with fluency in Arabic while you have no knowledge of the foreign language.


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