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Coffee With Rinky Pamnani (Famous Dubai Based Indian Model)

Rinky Pamnani

We finally got to meet and share a cup of coffee with the famous Dubai based Indian model Rinky Pamnani , We were curious to find out about her success and here are the few questions with asked her.

Bollywood Dubai – What made you first become a model?
Rinky – I was a BBA Student, and its funny ’cause it was in the 3rd year of my college when i was sitting in the examination hall, writing my paper , and i realised i dont even like Business Administration. And i asked myself, what is it i wanna wakeup for every morning?
It was in that moment , I realised being infront of the camera made me feel stronger and happy. I knew it wont be as easy but i was already approached by few good agencies and so i decided to follow my heart and work for it every single day.

Bollywood Dubai – How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?
Rinky – My first ever shoot was an ad campaign for a UAE based clothing brand. I was still in the process of discovering myself as a model and to see my pictures on these huge boards outside multiple malls and newspapers made me work even harder towards my goals.


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