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GUIDE: Buying fashion online in Dubai

fashion online in Dubai

Online and on trend: Your guide to shopping for fashion online in Dubai.

With Dubai being home to the world’s largest shopping mall and an even bigger one in the pipeline, the concept of heading online for fashion shopping may seem a little bit alien.

But still e-commerce is a fast growing industry which is finally finding its feet in Dubai and there are a host of fashionistas who are getting over any foibles they might have when it comes to shopping online – not being able to try on first is the biggie – and opting for scroll and click purchasing, rather than feeding the ‘cha-ching’ of the store tills.

Laura Douss, co-founder of Dubai-based online boutique Carla’s Closet, is an avid online shopper herself and was surprised about the resistance some people have.

“In the Middle East we were actually surprised that people are scared of buying things online; they prefer to see the material, and try on the stuff,” she tells

With Carla’s Closet, Laura therefore aims to cut down on the online fashion fear factor: “We try as much as we can to make it easy for them, in terms of sizing, and any help we can offer – we’re always readily available.”

In fact, many online retailers have started a ‘live chat’ option whilst you shop, to improve your shopping experience in any way possible.

Laura also challenges people in Dubai to step out of their comfort zone – style wise: “A lot of people are very fashion-forward in Dubai, but the general public they all wear the same clothes, all the time,” says Laura. “There are nice designers, and nice pieces that you could buy, but I feel like people don’t really find these things here in Dubai.”

So where in the world wide web should you be spending your dirhams?


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