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Bus drivers face Dh1K fine in Dubai for parking by roadside

DUBAI: Bus drivers who stop their vehicles by the roadside to pray will be slapped a fine of Dh1,000, and their licenses likely confiscated, Dubai Police have warned ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan, according to a media report.

Col Saif Al Mazrouei, director of the traffic police, was quoted as saying by The National that more than 280 fines were issued to bus drivers since the start of the month, and that 28 buses of repeat offenders were been impounded.

“We have noted this behaviour, and have warned drivers against the dangers of stopping on the side of the road,” Col Al Mazrouei further said. “Patrols are cracking down on this phenomenon but despite repeated warnings, some are committing the same offence again. This is why we impounded 28 buses,” he added.

He also said that companies that owned the buses were also contacted.

In 2012, Abu Dhabi Police had reportedly said that although motorists faced a Dh500 fine for stopping vehicles on the side of the road, in prohibited places, an exception was made for worshippers.

“This is a normal situation. It’s allowed. We don’t have any problem with these people who are praying on the highway. It’s acceptable, of course,” Col Jamal Al Ameri, of Abu Dhabi Police’s traffic department was quoted as saying by The National.

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