Bollywood’s 10 Highest Paid Actors of 2016

Most Paid Indian Stars 2016- 2017:  Bollywood or we can say Indian film industry is one of the biggest emerging market in the entertainment word. If we compare it from 10 years back, now this industry business turn over has been multiplied by many times. Now most of the good film has a budget of 50 Cr plus. Recently a film MS Dhoni the untold story has been made up with a budget of 100 Cr+. Some of the big stars of Bollywood who is not only limited to India but they have a global image. As we can say Shah Rukh is the most popular Bollywood actor from India in the entertainment world. Now many actress who are also turning to Hollywood if they are getting very good offers to explore herself. Recently Priyanka Chopra has rocked the Hollywood industry with her second season of American AV serial Quantico.



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