Bollywood is regressive, says Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor, 31, may have learnt to deal with her wedding as national news, but what annoys Bebo the most is her marital status affecting her Bollywood career. “I could have been very well married for four years and still doing great in my career. My personal space with Saif is my time with him and it has nothing to do with my work or what I play on screen and the films that I am going to do in future,” retorts the actor, who is riding high on Heroine.

Kareena speaks…

On Rs. 200 cr

We don’t have Salman Khan to get us Rs. 200 cr. If we do decent business, it will be a big thing for me as an actress, as in India it is all about heroes.

Saif’s feedback

Every time I get nervous, Saif tells me that people are not expecting it to be Godfather. It’s a commercial film, you and Madhur have worked hard, now leave it to the audience.

Gossip queen

As I have grown up in this world, I did give Madhur some insights. So I am just aware about what happens. It’s not like I am interested in what others are doing.

No regrets

I never look back and regret. But Heroine was always like a part of me. I am born to be a Heroine ever since I was born. May be that’s why God gave the film back to me.

Marriage vs career

We talk about progressive cinema, make tall claims, we get inspired from West. But when it comes to an actress getting married, we become regressive. We need to change our minds first before changing the genre of films that we plan to offer a married actress. So I am totally against this.

-Article Courtesy Hindustan Times

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