10 Reasons Why Bollywood Can’t be like Hollywood

Bollywood Can’t be like Hollywood

Bollywood and Hollywood are two mammoth movie fraternities that cannot be more different from each other.

dasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra (1913) was the first ever silent Hindi movie ever made.

But it was only after the first sound film, Alam Ara (1937), that ‘Bollywood’ grew into one of the world’s most profitable and major film industries.

No doubt, Indian cinema has been heavily influenced by Hollywood over the decades.

Even the term ‘Bollywood’ has a very Western flavour, using a ‘B’ from ‘Bombay’ rather than ‘Mumbai’.

While numerous comparisons have been made between the two for years, there are definite reasons why Bollywood cannot be the same as Hollywood.

1. Language and Settings


In Hollywood, the spoken semantic is American English, a language known and spoken by the majority of the population.

In Bollywood films, however, the spoken language is generally a mix of Hindi and Urdu. Even films that are set in the UK and America will still predominantly in Hindi, with occasional phrases in English.

With India being such a vast country with so many varying dialects, some films can perhaps be set in other languages.

For example, if a movie is set in a rural/village background, the main language would remain the same although the dialect is different.

In a film like Peepli Live, the dialect is Awadhi. Despite this, the audience are still able to understand and relate to the characters.


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