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SHOCKING! Barkha Dutt Email With Apollo Staff Reveals Shocking Truth About Jayalalitha’s Health!

In a explosive mail written by Barkha Dutt to the hospital authorities, it has been revealed that Late CM Jayalalitha was given wrong medicine.

Since many days, there were many reports released by media agencies claiming huge conspiracy surrounding the death of Jayalalitha. The Tehelka magazine published in February 2012 had openly revealed that Sasikala the close aide of Jayalalitha was administering sedatives and chemical substances which contained small amounts of poison. Jayalalitha had no clue that she was being given poison and had trusted Sasikala fully.

Although many believed that the report of Tehelka magazine was true but there were no solid evidence to prove that Jayalalitha was administered wrong medicines since there was no postmortem conducted after her death and her medical reports were not made public. In 2011 after Jayalalitha came to know about the conspiracy being webbed in her own circle and got the hint that she was being administered wrong drugs, she sought independent medical assessment and all tests said to have shown traces of sedatives and dangerous chemicals in her blood, these records were not made public by Jayalalitha. She had not given any statement about her medical condition anytime in public.

But now there was been a shocking report that says Jayalalitha was given wrong medicines.

The report which is out in public is a mail conversation between NDTV reporter Barkha Dutt and with an Apollo Hospital staff. This is a informal conversation and off record in which we can see that the hospital staff is accepting that Jayalalitha was given wrong medicines, before she was brought into Apollo after she developed fever and dehydration.

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