Barfi’s Law of ‘ladki patana’: 10 ways to make women fall for you

How do you solve a problem like Barfi? Ranbir ‘Barfi’ Kapoor makes a living off getting into the worst capers. He crashes into poles, proposes to strange women and tosses flying kisses to giggling women on Darjeeling’s lonely and cloud covered mountain roads.

Barfi does his damndest best to make women fall for him. And more than often his plans work. When and if you see the film you will realise how difficult it is to say no to Barfi – the loveable scamp.

So here are 10 ways to woo the ladies, like Barfi does it.

Barfi's Law of 'ladki patana': 10 ways to make women fall for you

1. Mime that you are laying your heart down at her feet: It does not matter that this is a woman you met only five minutes ago. When she kicks it away, Barfi picks it up, brushes off the dust, and walks away nose in air. How do you resist such a routine?

2. There’s always the best friend/sister: If she’s not really that into you, Barfi recommends you mime putting your heart on a plate, add a rose, and push that plate towards her best friend or sister. No harm done, right? She’ll be giggling like mad by now, so it’s a total win-win situation.

3. Chuck the BMW, cycles are romantic: Cycle rides across the cloud-swept roads of Darjeeling hills with your lady perched delicately on the handle bar – nothing beats the romance in that. So what if you crash it in a big ugly bush?

4. Follow her toy train: Ease your bicycle next to the compartment of the toy train she’s on, get a hard grip on the window, and motion does the rest. Look into her eyes, she’s captive audience to your unspoken vows of love.

5. Wipe dirt off her feet: She’s faithful as a puppy, autistic and your childhood friend. But she can’t stand mud splatters. Barfi suggests you take her shoes off, wipe the dirt off her feet and dry her socks.

6. Be her best friend: She’s stuck by your side like a shadow every day. The first time you take her out in a crowd, don’t lose her. If you do, hunt for her relentlessly till you find her. She might be getting married, but what she needs is a best friend she can have fun with. Be the 4 AM friend.

7. Leave the choice up to her: Even when you are ready to leave behind everything for her, leave the final choice to her. If she loves you, she will follow you everywhere.

8. Indulge her: Feed her, care for her, indulge her small fantasies, like having ‘Chhou’ dancers perform at her wedding, dress her up, sleep hugging her close when she is afraid of swaying tree tops outside the window.

9. Let her go when she wants to: The hardest thing in a relationship is surely to let the woman you love go if she wants to. Barfi respects her space and the choice she makes in life. She will come back to you if it’s destined to happen.

10. Grow old together: Nothing beats greying together, sharing life’s moments and going away after having lived life to the fullest.

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