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An Arab Video Imitating ‘Salt Bae’ Has Gone Viral But Opinion Is Divided On Whether It’s ACTUALLY Funny Or Not

Most think not

Nothing like the comments section of a Facebook post to get people really riled up!

In the last few days, the internet has literally broken Kim K style with Salt Bae. A Turkish chef, working in no other than Nusret, a fancy restaurant in the Four Seasons Jumeirah. This video of him cutting steak and sprinkling salt sent the internet into over-drive, racking up over 5 million views in no more than a few days.

The creation of memes followed

He is now even a mural on a wall!

But now there’s a new video dividing opinion

With 667 HUNDRED THOUSAND views in just 20hrs, the video has gone viral, but the comments show people are clearly not impressed with the video.

See for yourself:

This is what the comments look like:

Most think the waste of food is disgraceful and what he is doing is disrespectful.

Screenshot 2017 01 16 At 8 23 02 Pm

“This has nothing to do with us”

Screenshot 2017 01 16 At 8 23 41 Pm

‘Unliked and unfollowed”

Screenshot 2017 01 16 At 8 25 22 Pm

…There were some people who found it funny

Screenshot 2017 01 16 At 8 24 35 Pm

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