Alia Bhatt: If you love me, you got to love animals even more

Alia Bhatt is the latest actress to join the PETA bandwagon in saving animals. The latest PETA ad, starring Alia as an angel who speaks for those who can’t speak (i.e. animals), promotes the cause, ‘Adopt. Never Buy Animals.’ Dressed in a blingy golden attire along with a shimmering tiara, replete with wings spreading out, the actress really looks like the angel who’s determined to rescue the helpless animals with a lot of warmth. In the video, she’s seen cuddling a cat who’s been rescued from the streets.People, do take note of what she’s iterating here. This time, it’s not a luxury brand or a high-end clothing/ makeup range she’s promoting. This one’s got more depth to it. Perhaps that’s also because of her personal love for cats.

Here’s what she says in the PETA endorsement:

“I have two cats at home, one of which is adopted. My sister is also very very fond of cats. Whenever she spots cats in the building, she brings them home. And then the two of us would sterilise them and deworm them. So, every now and then, wherever we see a cat in the need of help, we bring them home. Whether it’s about adopting a cat or a dog, I think people should go out and help them as much as they can. At the end of the day, these animals have no one to take care of them. They feel very cold in the winters….they shiver. They don’t have food at times. They have to eat from the garbage.”

She continues, “If you don’t have the facility to adopt a pet, then call a vet or call up an animal shelter. So, even if you can’t take care of them, let somebody know about them. Coz the fewer animals are on the streets, the better it is for them, the lesser harm there is to the environment. Adopt a pet, go to animal shelters. Like you, they also have a life, they also have emotions, they also want to be safe and even have fun. Just imagine staying out of your home for many nights and days, without anybody to take care, without any family, and you will know what it is to be an animal. I am an animal lover myself. And my message to my fans is “If you love me, love animals even more.”

Perhaps she’s one of the very few celebs who really practise what they preach, literally. She’s holding a cat affectionately in the advert, and in real life too, she’s seen spending a lot of her leisure time cuddling with her very own fluffy cat. Her adorable selfies with her cat are all over her social networking pages. She has named her pet cat Pikka after Pokemon’s Pikachu. Alia’s Instagram clicks speak volumes about her affection for pets and animals. Here are a few images :

Many fans of Alia admit that her cat is a bigger star than her.

The two eat together, sleep together, have lots of fun together, and of course, click selfies together. Recently, she uploaded a pic wherein Pikka (her cat) sat right on Alia’s suitcase, indicating that she doesn’t want her to go out of her home.

Often many Bollywood stars join hands with PETA and endorse their cause, but this is the first time, an actress has spoken about how animals feel without home, without shelter and without someone to take care of. With the
unconditional love she has shown for stray animals, we guess she’s utilising her celeb status in the right way – by creating awareness amongst people about adopting a pet, rather than buying one.

Alia, we heart you, this time not just for your drop-dead gorgeousness, but for that beautiful soul you own.

Since she spoke at length about stray animals during the shoot, here are a few on-shoot behind-the-scene images of the actress.

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