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UAE LABOURS: Absconding case & UAE ban (Important Article)

Absconding case & UAE ban

Below Questions answers will guide you through full Absconding process:

What if employee does not return after vacation, will he be treated as an absconder?
Before proceeding to article, please note that, if you are going to exit country without informing Company, or you are out of service for a company and have not informed them within 1 week or more, you are doing illegal act and this offense will cost you for whole life. So please be careful.
Furthermore, As an Employee, I think this is totally ignorant, impolite and unprofessional-ism that not to inform or notify an employer (company) of your intentions and plans. Any employee who goes on holiday and does not return, especially if they do not even let their employer know, will be treated as an absconder (Run-away).
All matters relating to absconding employees are covered in Ministerial Resolution No (721) for 2006 of Federal Law No 8 of 1980 titled Escape Report Procedures as issued by the Ministry of Labour of United Arab Emirates.
What if someone is Leaving Job without Notice Period?
If no notice is given for ending employment, an employer (company or sponsor) can file a complaint against you, if you are absent for 7 days or more without notice or permission. The Ministry of Labour can then cancel your employment visa and impose a ban on you. Please note that any employee in this situation can be banned from working in all states of UAE in accordance with Article 128 of UAE Labour Law which states:
 “Any non-national employee who absents himself from work without lawful reasons prior to the end of the contract for a limited period, may not take up employment elsewhere even with the consent of the employer for one year after the date on which he
absented himself from duties. And no other employer who is aware of that may employ or keep such employee in his service during such period”
Can I apply for New Visa, if my previous employer file a complaint against me?
No, if any ban case is still in force, all new applications for a new visa will be rejected by Ministry of Labour or by General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.


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