Before Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees: Who was Abdul Latif, the real Raees?

The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Raees is finally here. But do you know who the real Raees was? Here is all you need to know about Gujarat-based gangster Abdul Latif, reportedly the inspiration behind Raees Alam.


Abdul Latif Raees i.e Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Raees is a gangster in Gujarat who starts his criminal empire by dealing in illicit liqour. The character, though not confirmed by the film’s makers, is rumoured to be based on real-life gangster Abdul Latif who was a terror throughout Gujarat.
Latif was shot and killed by the police in Ahmedabad in an alleged ‘encounter’ in 1997. Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan visited Abdul Latif’s son Mustak Ahmed Abdul Latif Shaikh in Gujarat, at least twice, to research on his character and understand Abdul Latif, the person who was the backbone of Shah Rukh’s Raees character.However, when Shah Rukh noticed that meeting Latif’s son was being given political overtones, the actor began maintaining a distance from Mustak. Mustak reportedly felt snubbed by Shah Rukh and demanded money up to Rs 10 crore from the actor and only then, would he allow Raees to release.
While these maybe rumours, hearsay and gossip, that Shah Rukh’s character Raees and Abul Latif seems to have a lot of similarities is undeniable.


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