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Aanya Aggarwal’s Interview

Photo credit: Tina Patni

Photo credit: Tina Patni

1. Hello Aanya, Tell us something about yourself & your company?

Answer:      As a child I was always fascinated about the entertainment industry such as; the Film & Television world. I started working from the age of 14 while still at school, Since that very moment I knew this is the career I wanted to pursue, After school hours when my friends used to go for movies, malls and other hangout places I chose to go for filming TV episodes at studios & covering various events. Since I had the passion and the experience in the industry, the decision for my higher studies was easy, which lead me to graduate in Film & TV Production. With my family’s support and blessings, I plunged into starting my own venture soon after my graduation by the name of “Chocolate Entertainment”. We are committed to providing our clients an unique experience in Production, Artist Management and Events services.



2. How are you associated with such a Gr8 event The Gr8! Women Awards 2013?

Answer: The Petrochem Gr8! Women Awards 2013 is a brainchild of Ms. Anu Ranjan, President Indian Television Academy/ Co-Founder Gr8! Magazine India. Chocolate Entertainment has been nominated to take care of the complete Event Coordination & PR. I’m personally very thankful to Anu for having faith and confidence in me and my company to handle the show… I feel Gr8 ;)


4. As a woman how do you relate yourself to this event?

Answer: In a man dominated society highlighting the achievement of women and glorifying them is very important. I don’t believe in any gender bias but honoring women who have achieved in their respective fields and therefore encouraging more to come forward to contribute to society is a message that Gr8 Women Awards conveys. In my case many women such as my mother and my mentor have played a phenomenal role in making me what I am today.



5. What’s next with Chocolate?

Answer: A lot of events and activities are lined up for this year’s calendar but cannot disclose it at the moment. Visit our Facebook page for more updates on us.



6. The younger generation especially the young girls are much attracted towards event management, what advice would you give them?

Answer: Whoever wants to take the plunge to enter this field and be successful must have a great passion, devotion as well as work extremely hard. From my experience I can say there are no holidays and working 24/7 with complete focus becomes your life. I would also advice the youngsters to dream big and follow their dreams with passion. In the end I would say ‘CONFIDENCE Thy Name Is SUCCESS.”


7. Last, tell us about the people who have contributed to your success.

– Film & TV Production is not a very common choice in our society especially for girls . I would like to thank my parents for having supported me to pursue my passion. Secondly, my mentor Ms. Uma Ghosh Deshpande who taught me how to overcome challenges as a woman and stand out in the society. I’m lucky to have her support and guidance professionally and personally. Also, my talented friend, Ash King who always believed in me and my talent and encouraged me to set up my own venture. Lastly, how can I forget to mention the Gr8! Woman, Ms. Anu Ranjan who has contributed by giving me and my company such a large platform to jumpstart my career.

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