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10 Bang On Signs That Prove You’re A Complete Beach Person

Are You A Complete Beach Person ? If it feels like life would be so much better on the beaches and every two months you get homesick for the shores, away from the land of brick and mortar, high probability you’ve lost a piece of heart somewhere in those waves. Lying back aimlessly on a beach and sunbathing  is your idea of the ultimate escape from the reality and your beach bum gets instantly into an ‘Hakuna Matata’ mode as soon as you touch the shores…


Here are the ten signs you must be experiencing frequently and a rational justification as to why you are meant to be living on the shores.

1.) You still wonder if mermaids are for real.

You still wonder if mermaids are for real and at least once in your life time thought of going all bright, red hair. You also have secretly tried those sea shells on.



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