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9 Benefits of Moving to Dubai

Benefits of Moving to Dubai

Starting from the early 2000s, Dubai began to create a world-wide buzz. It had something to do with the opening of the Burj Al Arab hotel at the end of 1999; then there was the Dubai Cup, which suddenly started attracting international attention as the world’s richest horse race. And finally, there was the emergence onto the international scene of Emirates Airline and the new Dubai International Airport (DXB) as major players in the global travel business.

This awareness that “something exciting was happening out there in Gulf” didn’t happen overnight, but went from a whisper at the start of 1999 to a deafening shout by 2003. During those years, the expatriate population flooding into Dubai went from an exciting wave to almost tsunami-like proportions. So what exactly moves these legions of opportunity-seekers to uproot and relocate?

1. Benefits of Moving to Dubai, The salaries are good…

That goes without saying. We’ve all done the numbers game and the bottom-line, expressed in dollars and cents, or pounds, shillings and pence looked sufficiently attractive for us to take the plunge.

The salary magnet factor applies to all the expats working in Dubai or other parts of the Middle East. Even the labourers from the Indian sub-continent, whose monthly wages and living conditions have pained the consciences of many residents are doing better than they could possibly have done in Pakistan or India or Bangladesh.

For the frugal, the cost of living in the late 1990s and early 2000s was considerably lower than in the UK, the EU countries, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. It’s more expensive now, but it’s still OK, provided you don’t follow one of Charles Dickens’ famous characters and get into a Micawber-like lifestyle where you manage to spend twenty shillings and sixpence for every pound you earn. There are plenty who manage to do this, encouraged by the luxurious temptations and easy credit available.


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