8 Awkward Moments Every Girl Experiences With Her Boyfriend!

Every couple has gone through an awkward phase at the beginning of their relationship. Not only were they conscious of their own actions initially, but they would also wonder what their partner would think about them. Gradually as time went by, the awkwardness faded away.

If you’ve been there and done that – you will definitely relate to these 8 things that happen before you finally become comfortable with your boyfriend. Cheers to you, lovebirds!

1. That awkward moment when you bump into each other’s exes!

It used to be awkward before, but it doesn’t get to either of you anymore. You and your boyfriend have moved on from your pasts and have come a long way together. Right now, you’re the only person who matters to him and he’s the only one who matters to you.

awkward things that happen before getting serious


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