7 Habits Slow Down Weight Loss

7 Habits Slow Down Weight Loss

Do you follow a strict diet, but you notice that the fat-burning process to have a very slow? Sometimes weight loss rate of less due to follow for errors and unhealthy habits when adopting a specific diet, believing that it will help more slimming. Below know the seven reasons behind the slow speed of weight loss.

Not to eating a meal before exercise

Some girls abstain from eating before exercise out that it will help you lose weight more, but this is not true! It pushes them to eat a large amount of food after the completion of the exercise to compensate for the energy that we lost and then gained by the number of calories per day increase. On the other hand A recent study indicated that a meal rich in protein before exercise at least two hours with the continuation of the exercise period for at least 30 minutes, helps promote fat burning process compared to completely abstain from eating.

Low number of hours of sleep

The limited number of hours of sleep and lack of commitment to fixed dates for sleeping and waking up is one of the major factors in the slow fat burning process as this may lead to hormonal disorders affecting the weight and lucidity and freshness of the skin.


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