5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Mahira Khan 

 Mahira Khan is the most sought after celebrity nowadays. Any drama, film, talk show or even commercial starring Mahira Khan ensures a certain fan following because of her presence in it. It is also true that Mahira Khan chooses the projects she works in very carefully. People know a lot of things about this diva like she is a simple and down-to-earth person who is loved among her friends circle because of her grounded personality more than her persona. All those people who have ever worked with Mahira Khan have always praised her for this personality trait. Even when hosts interview her they ask her why she does not have starry tantrums like many other celebrities because it is a well-known fact. There are however some lesser known facts about Mahira’s personality which she has revealed in her recent interview with BBC Urdu which many people might be unaware of.

Here are 5 things which you might not know about Mahira Khan.

1. Mahira Khan is dead against endorsing fairness creams.

Mahira Khan is very fair herself and most Pakistanis do think that beauty is linked with a fair complexion. Many of our actors and actresses who are very famous have also endorsed beauty products. While Mahira Khan does not judge those celebrities who have endorsed these fairness creams, she herself is dead against endorsing such products. Mahira Khan believes that media is a powerful medium. She thinks that anything that is endorsed by the media is considered as more acceptable so she would not like to endorse anything which gives the wrong message to people.



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