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5 Reasons Why You Will Get Fat After Marriage

One of the biggest mysteries for men is the way their slim and sexy girlfriends gain oodles of weight and turn into fat ladies within a year or two of marriage. How does this transformation happen in most marriages? How do we women lose control of ourselves to such an extent that we get all fat and floppy as soon as we find a husband? More importantly, exactly what are the reasons why you will get fat after you marry?

Reasons Why Girls Gain Weight After Marriage

  1. Just pile on the goodies. In our society, it is common for all friends and relatives to invite the newlyweds over for lunch or dinner, and this turns into an almost daily schedule of heavy lunches and dinners for almost a month. Add to it all the eating and drinking when on honeymoon. So immediately after marriage, you have a period of almost two months where you eat like there’s no tomorrow and work out very little!


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