43% MENA employees eye job change

DUBAI: Latest surveys by job portals show that more employees are willing to switch jobs as markets open up, and hiring improves, according to a media report.

Emirates 24/7 quoted the latest figures by online job portal as saying that as the number of job opportunities go up, attitude towards switching employers change.

The figures are based on survey conducted by Monster shows more employees are now on the job hunt with 43 percent are more likely to consider a new job opportunity than they were just a year ago, the report said.

Although 71 percent of those surveyed report said they are happy with their current job, 73 percent are thinking about another job with 60 percent of respondents with a resume having gone so far as to update it in the past three months, it added.

Figures by job portal reportedly suggested that 43 percent of employees in the Mena region do not see themselves working for the same employer for the next two years with majority (61 percent) actively trying to move to another organization.

The Bayt data also reportedly shows that low base salary is the primary factor that drives people to hop jobs.

Majority of the surveyed (66 percent) insist this to be the single reason that makes them look for other opportunities followed by lack of career growth (62 percent) that can drive them to another company, the report said.

Monster findings also reveal that the willingness to change jobs frequently may be age-related as well, it was pointed out.

The survey reportedly shows that 79 percent of those aged 25-44 have worked with their current employer for six years or less.

That is a comparable figure to other age-groups – 70 percent of those surveyed, aged 55+, have worked at their current employer for more than six years and 52 percent of those surveyed, aged 45-54, have worked at their current employer for more than six years, the Emirates 24/7 report said.

Not only are the 25- to 44-year-olds looking to switch it up more frequently, they are finding job opportunities in different places than those in previous generations, the report said.

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