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38 secrets of body language

secrets of body language

Secrets of body language! Understanding the signals which people send to each other with their bodies is an important skill. Some people can do this naturally, but others pay too little attention.

Max Eggert, the author of the book Brilliant Body Language: Impress, Persuade and Succeed with the Power of Body Language, has made a list of 75 signals that people give out with their bodies which he believes can help you to understand people you talk to better. We at Bollywood Dubai are sure that with a little effort anyone can learn to understand these none-verbal signals.

Physical Sign Possible meaning
1 Movement of the Adam’s apple Alarm, lying.
2 Arms in front of chest, touching handbag, jewellery, shirt collar etc Insecurity.
3 One arm crosses the chest, holding the other arm Insecurity.
4 Arms and palms open Openness, sincerity.
5 Arms crossed over chest Rejection of something or someone.
Dismissal. An expression of negative emotions.
6 Arms crossed, one holding the other Insecurity.
7 Holding a bag or cup etc, as if to make a barrier Insecurity.
8 Hunched up A desire to protect themselves.
9 Frequent blinking Alarm.
10 Deep breaths Relaxation, agreement.
11 Stroking chin Thinking through decision, appraisal.
12 Crooked smile Greeting, attempt to make closer contact, approval.
13 Rubbing eyes Confusion, tiredness.
14 Sour looks Boredom, reflexion.
15 Touching face (including mouth, eyes, ears and neck) Attempt to hide the truth, or nervousness.
16 Finger or arm of glasses etc in mouth Appraisal or waiting for confirmation.
17 Direction toes are pointing Shows where the attention is directed. (Towards the door if the person wants to leave, towards someone the person is attracted to).
18 Tapping feet Boredom.
19 Stroking the person addressed Attempting intimacy.
20 Smartening up the person addressed. (Smoothing clothes etc) Displaying interest in the person.
21 Chopping motions made with palms Aggression.
22 Holding wrists behind back Complete trust, or on the contrary, frustration.
23 Hands resting on head Interested appraisal.
24 Stroking back of neck Feeling threatened or angry.
25 Palm supporting chin, elbow resting on table A female device to appear more attractive, or to draw the attention of men.
26 Clenched fists Frustration. (The greater the frustration, the higher the fists).
27 Hands behind back Confidence, authority.
28 Hands in pockets Either an attempt to look more confident, a challenge to ‘convince me’, or a sign of withdrawal.
29 Arms outstretched braced on knees Using space to demonstrate authority.
30 Arms outstretched braced on knees Submission.
31 Rubbing palms together Hoping for success.
32 Fingers interlocked Confidence, relaxation, self-reliance.
33 Leaning forward on arms Expressing dominance by using space.
34 Touching elbow when shaking hands Attempting to show close friendship.
35 Extending arms with palms facing down Attempting to pressurize person addressed.
36 Extending arms with palms upturned Sign of subordination.
37 Touching other person’s shoulder when shaking hands Attempting to demonstrate intimacy.
38 Putting other hand on top when shaking hands Wishes to show authority.

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