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13 words you need to know to be a true expat in UAE

words you need to know to be a true expat in UAE

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, then you must have heard of or even used some of these words and expressions that might have sounded weird to you at first as an expat. The spoken language in the UAE has a lot of influence from Urdu, Pakistani, Persian and even English. This mix gave us a massive inventory of mixed-up words that became part of the daily conversation for both Emiratis and expats.

So, in order to be a true expat in the UAE, you have to learn some of that lingo and casually drop these 13 words and expressions in your “ramsah” … or conversation.

1. Zain?


I love this multipurpose Emirati word because it can be used in so many different contexts. It could mean: “OK?” Or “OK!!” Or “nice!” or “delicious” or “good” or … The sky is the limit really.


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