11 Signs Your Partner May be Cheating on You

All couples have their ups and downs. If you are concerned about your relationship, here are few signs that show your partner might be cheating. Of course, our intention is not to make you paranoid, nor to create any unnecessary tension. However, finding out about a possible crisis sooner than later could be very useful.

1. Your partner is always the one starting the arguments

If you argue more often than usual and it’s always the same person starting the arguments, maybe she or she feels a sense of guilt and is trying to breakup.

2. Your partner pays more attention to his or her phone than to you

Constantly being on the phone hiding, sending or receiving messages is very suspicious.

3. He or she is always agressive towards a particular person

If your partner always expresses hatred towards someone, something suspicious might be going on.

4. Your partner avoids looking at you in the eyes

That is definitely a sign of guilt.

5. He/She is distant

You used to do everything together and all of a sudden each person stay in his corner. This can be interpreted as a sign of infidelity or discomfort in the relationship.

6. You cannot touch your partner’s phone

If you ask your partner for his or her phone and he/she throws it out the window, there certainly is a little secret.

7. Your partner has surprisingly become adorable

When someone feels guilty, he or she tries to appease this guilt with kindness.

8. He/she smells different

This new smell might be coming from someone else

9. No one know where your partner is

If your partner is always out and nobody knows where he or she is, something suspicious happening.

10. He/she starts dressing up

If he is looking dapper in his new suits, or she is spending way too much time trying out her new dresses…something suspicious is going on.

11. Sudden change of schedule

You had an established routine and and suddenly all your plans have change. You need to get to the bottom of this.


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