11 Habits That Ruin Your Hair (And Their Fixes!)

Some of the causes of your damaged hair are crystal clear but some are not that obvious. There’s no girl out there who doesn’t love her precious strands, but you don’t know how the little things you do that are considered to be ‘normal’ are actually damaging your tresses. To help you identify these problems, here are some habits that ruin your hair and some that can save it.

1. Your makeup is getting into  your hair

1 habits that ruin your hair

If you are using oil-based foundations or other makeup products, there’s a very good chance that your makeup is spreading to your hair. Now, this can damage your hair from the roots.

How to save your hair: Opt for powder based makeup as it can’t travel to your hairline that easily. Also, use homemade hair masksthat can protect your hair even if you are using oil-based foundations.


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