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10 Things To Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

Renting a Car in Dubai

The Business of Renting a car in Dubai has become big industry in recent years. Its been noticed that people living in Dubai generally prefer to rent a car in Dubai instead of buying as they find the benefits of enjoying upgraded and new models of cars.

Recently Euro Monitor held a research on car rental industry in UAE based on figures from year 2008 to year 2013. The report predicted that by this year in 2015 the car leasing market will reach the figure of AED 880 millions. And 80% of them will be used as rent a car in Dubai.

Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

Due to the increasing trend of renting a car in Dubai more and more companies are investing in car rental business in Dubai. So you can get rent a car in Dubai easily. But before renting a car in Dubai it is very important to know the general UAE driving rules and regulations. Also you have to know the general policy that most of the companies set for renting a car in Dubai.

Here are some rules and regulations generally offered by car rental companies in Dubai. You must know them before renting otherwise you can get into trouble or get ready for the huge bill.

1. Not Allowed to Take Outside UAE
The rented vehicle is not allowed to be driven outside the UAE. It is strictly not allowed to take rented car while crossing the border.

2. Insurance Policy
Lost or any damage to the vehicle will not be covered in insurance policy.

3. Charges and Security Deposits Should be Paid in Advance
Most of rental companies has the policy that you should pay charges and security deposit for the vehicle in advance. It is advisable to pay the advance through check or Credit Card.

4. Registered Driving License
Drivers should possess registered driving license. If you own International Driving License or have Driving License from reputed countries, You don’t need to get UAE driving license to drive on UAE roads.

5. Minimum Age Limit
Age limit for driver is minimum 25 years.


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