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10 things only single girls in Dubai will understand

10 things only single girls will understand

Being single isn’t a death sentence, so everyone should stop treating it like one. You can live a fulfilling life with or without a man. If you’re happy the way things are, then there’s no reason for you to look for a date. However, every once in awhile, single women have to deal with the following struggles:

  1. All your friends want to set you up.
    “Girl! Mark has this really cute friend. You two should go out once.”

  2. First dates can be nerve-racking.
    “What should I wear? What if he thinks I’m weird? Should I pay for my food or not?”

  3. Your relationship status: Eating
    Because who can resist food, right??

  4. Your friends in relationships won’t stop talking about their relationships.
    “Hello! Let’s talk about something else, please.”

  5. You’ll be the third wheel at least once or twice.
    …or worse, the fifth.


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