10 Things EVERY Girl Will Get If Her Fam Bam Is On Social Media

We are all in that phase where our not-so-tech-savvy relatives are breaking the Internet! Your family is on social media, and they’re proud to make you part of their online lives too! Be it Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, we all have those aunties and uncles who haunt us with their comments and likes every now and then! Of course, it’s awesome to have them around all the time – like, literally ALL THE TIME – but there are moments we wish we could do anything we wanted without thinking twice! Anyway, here are few things that you’ll get if your FAM BAM is on social media!

1. No personal space, bro!

Personal space? What? Where? What does that mean? Yeah! You’ll be asking these questions if your family is on your Facebook friends’ list.


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