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10 Saal Aapke Naam IPL 2017 Theme Song, Promo Ads (HD Video) – Watch Online*

10 Saal Aapke Naam – IPL 2017 Theme Song, Promo Ads (HD Video) – Watch Online* – Indian Premier League has become a brand of cricket. IPL has established its place in cricket. Fans wait eagerly for the season of IPL to begin. Being the richest cricket league in the world, the money, glamour and entertainment have attracted people towards IPL. Even the smallest thing in IPL gets audience support due to its fame. Even IPL from their side promises the audience by not disappointing them. Even minute details are taken care of. One of the important thing which creates buzz among fans is the IPL Theme Song & IPL Promo Ads. The theme songs and promo ads are so catchy that they remain in the mind of spectators. So here we are sharing IPL 2017 Theme Song & Promo Ads HD Video.

Watch IPL 2017 Theme Song Online – Yeh 10 Saal Aapke Naam

10 Saal Aapke Naam – IPL 2017 Theme Song HD Video – IPL Theme Song has been one of the most loved parts of IPL season. The catchy lines with soothing music one of the highlight of the IPL Theme Song. For last 9 years, IPL has produced some brilliant Theme Songs. It all started in 2008 with IPL Intro Theme song named No ‘Desh Yudh’, No ‘Dharm Yudh’ We Agree IPL Is ‘Karmayudh’. Since then IPL has been producing one of the best theme songs every year. The previous year we saw IPL Theme song named ‘Pistah Song’. So what to expect this year? IPL 2017 is scheduled to start on 5th April. So we can expect IPL 2017 Theme Song, 10-15 days prior to the scheduled start.

This year IPL has come up with something interesting. They have dedicated the song for all IPL fans. IPL 2017 Theme Song -Yeh 10 Saal Aapke Naam means IPL thanks all its fans for these memorable 10 years. The interesting composition of Benny Dayal and Salim-Sulaiman is catchy and is expected to be one of the hit IPL Theme Songs ever. Yeh #10SaalAapkeNaam

IPL 2017 Promo Ads HD Video

IPL 2017 Promo Ads – Even though IPL is one of the most watched cricket leagues in the world, many cricket leagues like BBL, CPL has started gaining world attraction. The best way to get back the attention is by creating some promo ads before the event begins. IPL Promotional Advertisement plays an important role in gaining the world attraction. IPL has been doing this successfully for past decade. So now all eyes are set on IPL 2017 Promo Ads. IPL 10 Promo Ads have not yet released. Once they are released we will update the blog with necessary additional information.

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